Dr. iur. Andreas Kadletz, LL.M. (McGill)

 Andreas Kadletz    Dr. iur. (Heidelberg)  LL.M. (McGill)


International Lawyer and manager [0]. Born in January 1969. Originally from Germany, he has lived and worked in North America, England and Asia. [1]

Dr. Andreas Kadletz holds a PhD in law (Dr. iur.) of Heidelberg University (Ruperto Carola) in Germany [2] and an LL.M. degree of McGill University in Montréal, Canada, [3] where he was also awarded the Institute of Air and Space Law Essay Prize (1996) [4]. He served as a correspondent for UNIDROIT Rome. [5]

His legal works between 1996 and 1999 contributed to shaping the Montreal Convention 1999 as a successor to the Warsaw Convention 1929 in international air transport law [6]. Dr. Kadletz was referenced by the German Federal Government in the context of harmonization of the German Civil Aviation Act with the Montreal Convention 1999 and European aviation laws [6a].

As attorney-at-law he advised and represented in the Concorde air crash matter at Paris 2000 [7], in the mid-air aircraft collision at Lake Constance 2002 and in global M&A transactions [8]. He represented (China) government positions in territorial matters. [9]

Since 2003 Dr. Andreas Kadletz is also General Counsel of the Keiper Recaro Group (today named only Recaro Group) [10] as well as of PKG Holding [11] and MP Beteiligungen (investment holding company) [12].

Dr. Andreas Kadletz is on the management board of various companies in China [13], Latin America [14] and other countries.

Dr. Andreas Kadletz is a frequent speaker about international topics (establishing cross-border business and managing business abroad [15], corporate governance [16]) and published numerous articles about international aviation and business law. [17]

Dr. Andreas Kadletz is active in sports, and at the age of 50 he can still complete marathons in less than three hours [18] and finish on podiums [19].



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